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    carb clarification...

    as you may now, i'm new to the PWC lifestyle and also carb rebuilds, but you gotta learn sometime. when rebuilding, can jets go bad? also, jets are just in and out, right? There is no turn adjustment settings like the exterior high low screws? Are the stock jets ok to stick with when using a stock setup? (235 hours)

    can someone post the adjustments for slt 780 1997 for a premix setup. I found this regarding a 96 slx 780, but not sure if they are exactly the same.

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    use the same # on both main and pilot as stock, its the pilot which has a smaller hole which gets green first

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    With that many hours & age I would replace the main jets too, they do get a coating on them over the years that doesn't come off & can restrict the fuel flow slightly, jets are still cheap. Dont bother trying to clean the pilots either, just replace them. Is your question about premix as to what ratio to use? If so it would be the same as the SLX, same motor, but they both used different flame arrestors & different jetting.

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    after i pulled these off, it looked like the whole thing was spray painted, the springs, screws, etc... was all covered in black, some flaking off. So i was thinking that maybe on a crazy chance that they (factory) do this to prevent corrosion or something? if this is the case, what is it and can i get some to recover the springs/coils and such that it has flaked off of?

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    I do not worry about mine. In fact, i used a brush to remove as much loose stuff as possible. I try to keep the engine compartment lightly coated with fogging oil summer to keep things moving freely and to keep corrosion down.......

    I think you would have a harder time trying to properly prep everything to even get paint to stick at this point.....

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    That's factory paint.

    They even spray over the rubber hoses.

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