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    I have twin 2002 xlt1200's and have a couple questions.

    1). Is using a funnel enough to draw the antifreeze through the cooling system? Also, what antifreeze to use? Some arent compatable with aluminum.

    2). What type of silicone spray should i use and what does it do? I've had several people tell me to do it but never really got a good explanation.

    3). I'm putting old plugs back in when im done fogging. Anyone else do this? I dont want to have gunk built up on good plugs come spring time.

    Any other suggestions?

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    And just an FYI...I have been reading a ton of forums trying to figure this out so this thread is my last resort.

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    I pump my antifreeze threw the motor. You can use a small pool cover pump and garden hose from home depot in the plumbing isle Next to the sump pumps, and a 5 gallon bucket. I clamp the water in line so I am sure the motor is getting the treatment.

    I use catapillar antifreeze from the local dealer. I think it is dexron 3, but seems to work well. Don't know much about the aluminum issue, but I cannot be any worse then salt.

    I leave the old plugs in. Why waste a good set.

    I do not fog my motors. I spray transmission oil down the spark plug holes on an na motor. It is thin enough to pass the rings. I give the motor a couple of turns at. Xmas time, and Easter. If u have a charger, that's should be fogged.

    This method has been flawless for me and my friends for over 10 years on 2 and 4 stroke skis.

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    Does the machine need to be running when you put the antifreeze in? Just wondering since you have to have it running before turning on the hose.

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    Can someone tell me the purpose to pump antifreeze through the system? Ive heard both ways, and some say that as long as you get all the water out, there is no need for it. Just dry start every few days for a few seconds to make sure. Then fog the cylinders through the spark plug holes,being that the carbs on the 66v are not easily accessible, keep the seat cracked open, some damprid in the hull, tarp over cover,and be done. Does anyone see any problems with this procedure?

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    We live in the cold north, sometimes -18 degrees F in teh winter, and all I have done for the last 20 years is start the waverunner a couple of times, rev it to shake/push any residual water out, then fog it. There is no need to put antifreeze in, that is not recommended in any service manual that Yamaha has for 2 stroke waverunners. (the rv antifreeze may even be a bit hard on aluminum as far as corrosion, I had seen that on a big block boat I had that had an aluminum intake manifold.)
    The waverunners are pretty much self draining, you only start and rev them to get the water out of the water box and silencer.

    PS: Not sure how you would "draw" antifreeze thru the engine, it does not have a water pump, only jet pressure or a garden hose to push water thru it.

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