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    Cover for 1995 xp800?

    My old 800 is fully rebuilt, and I need a new cover prior to storing it for the winter.

    The 800 does not have mirrors, it looks like the old sp front hatch with just the trim gauge.

    Has a nyone e.s replaced their cover recently? Are they still making covers for it?

    Anyone have a source?

    Thanks for the help.

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    i've bought covers for the x4 hull 3 times in the past year. watch the for sale ads and or post a WTB, they are out there, used and in good shape.

    paid 25, 65, and 90 for the three I own, the $90 is full oem, no tears, near mint condition, and its on my ski right now. The $60 had a small tear that my sister fixed for me and it ended up getting passed along to a friend, and... the $25 was actually a kawi cover... (so you might be able to find a cheap kawi cover and it will work just fine) and I bought it for a buddy since the price was right, and it fits his 96 xp with UMI just fine, but he does have some short handlebars, the kawi covers (and some of the xp covers) might not fit if you have wide handlebars, my oem cover barely squeezes over my aftermarket bars, another half inch and it won't fit.

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