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    Trailer Registration

    Hey I'm not sure everyone knew this, but you can register your trailer in Maine typically for a savings. I did it a few years back with MBI Trailers up in Maine. Iím guessing you can still do it now. Iím from RI and I know itís not illegal to do it here. I know it saved me a bunch of money so I wanted to share this with everyone.

    Hope that Helps,


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    I'm going that route myself. I hope it's legal in Illinois. I mean I know they will do it through MBI, I just hope the Illinois cops don't give me a hard time. If I got pulled over would they wonder why I've lived in Illinois for 11 years but have Maine plates on the trailer? I know if I got pulled over with Maine plates on my car they'd have an issue with it.

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    no tags required in kentucky for trailers

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    AZ is a one-time registration of $65 (last time I checked.) The cops won't look twice at the trailer if there is even a ratty tag attached, but if you DON'T have one, they can (and have) hold you on the side of the road, and call in the VIN. If your state doesn't require a tag, you still have to show proof of ownership.

    Funny thing when it happened to me... he didn't give a rats ass about the $20k worth of skis on the trailer, since they are registered with AZ Game/Fish, and not DOT. All he cared about was the trailer and truck.

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    Here in Texas we have to register the trailer every year. I actually just go my renewal yesterday. $56 for a new sticker. Luckily the registration for the ski only has to be done every 2 years.

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