Hello all,

I have been trying to get a 1994 sx 750 kawasaki to run properly. Here is what's been done:
carb (single carb setup) cleaned and kit installed, realized it was only running on rear cylinder when I pulled spark plug wire off spark plug the engine died. Started engine again pulled plug wire from front cylinder and had no effect. Checked compression, 130 and 125 psi. I talked to sombody in teck support at sbt, who sugested I reseal bottom end and check reeds. No chips in reeds, they sit flat against reed cages (no light shines through),replaced all intake gaskets. Pressure tested motor after replacing seals in crankcase 8psi for 15 minutes and still was holding. Reinstalled engine, not change in the running of the front cylinder. Called sbt again, and they suggested that the non-running cylinder being at 125psi might be two close to the service limit. Whit the cylinders in great phisical shape I had the machine shop hone them, then installed new rings. Psi has improved to 150 and 146 psi. but the front cylinder still doesn't run. It tries to run if I put gas directly in cylinder or hold throttle all the way in. I have also tried to swap spark plug leads, but it makes no differance. I hope somebody here has an idea for me that I haven't thought of. Any thing at all would be great! Thanks in advance. pwcdaddy