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    Plastic wear ring interference

    Hi guys I'm in the process of machining my OEM stainless wear ring out to fit a plastic one in. Does anyone know how much interference I should run ie difference between ID of the pump housing and the OD of the plastic wear ring?

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    i think .008 to .010 should work

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    Yeah thats what I was thinking but the ID of the plastic ring is about .070 larger than the new impeller so I'm thinking it would have to be around .050 interference? (to reduce the ID) Anyone else had experience with this?

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    I use a plastic wear ring. Also to add, depending on the type and O.D. of the impeller, you might have to use a paddle sander on the plastic ring to take some material away. I would stay away from this if at all possible. Example, when Dynafly impellers are used with plastic wear rings, the O.D. increases, this method might have to be used. Typically, I have just used a rubber mallet and get a feel and see if you can lightly tap the pump/impeller/shaft in place. Once the engine turns over, the impeller will cut a new groove and voila, you will have a tight fit!

    See pics below of a fresh cut on a plastic impeller

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