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    Question on using Biodiesel as 2cycle oil replacment?

    I have been looking into the biodiesel process and getting into making small "test batches" of biodiesel and I have come across some interesting studies that suggest using B100 (100% biodiesel) as a oil replacement for pre-mix. Now they did say it would take some tweaking to make sure your getting the protection you need by reading the spark plugs, but it seemed to be a viable alternative.

    I know there are some bio-degradeable (veg-oil based) oils on the market which would perform similar, but just the idea sounds fun!

    The only issue I can think of, and was mentioned in the articles and tests, is biodiesel breaks down natural rubber which is found in our carburetors and fuel pumps. At the moment, I doubt we can get Viton diaphrams/gaskets/seals/etc for our carbs and pumps yet.

    Just thought this was interesting as when/if I ever get my ski going again I plan on using the bio-degradable next time someone is staring me down because I have a smoke drift across the water, I can say "It's 99% green baby"!

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    Sounds like plenty of risk and minimal payoff. Even if it didn't hurt rubber. When someone gets their machine running on salt water then I will start to listen.

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    I had a quick thought, would it make your exhaust smell like McDoOnalds French Fries? Yum!

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