The 2011 IJSBA World Finals Summary

With months of preparation and lots of last minute hustling, it's hard to believe that the week of the 2011 IJSBA
World Finals came and went just le that. And what a week it was. While it was a great event all around, Jettribe was proud
to have a fantastic showing. Once considered no man's land for vendors in previous years, Jettribe turned that corner parking
lot area into a hot spot for everybody. We put up our biggest booth to date at a 100 feet long (or 1000 square feet if you like
big numbers). The introduction of our RS-16 line of race gear was a big hit and before you knew it, a ton of racers
were sporting Jettribe before the week was over. We enjoyed greeting our "regulars" who just loved to come and hang out,
check out our gear again and again, and probably kept trying to convince themselves of just how much gear they can get
away with taking home.

But that was all on the surface. There was a lot going on behind the scenes. Here are just some of the backroom deals
that Jettribe closed on at the World Finals:

- We signed on an exclusive distributor for France, with non-exclusive distribution rights to Europe
- We welcomed Russia to the ranks of international Jettribe distributors
- We signed a trademark agreement with South Korea
- Jettribe is in talks with China's racing association as well as Yamaha Vietnam to help them build up their
professional racing circuit

So yeah, while Jettribe was busy outfitting everyone in race gear and sexy casual wear, we were also doing our part to
help grow the sport internationally as well. I think the saying was "think globally, act locally". Ok, so we got it a little

Once the work was done, Jettribe ended the World Finals cosponsoring the After Party at Heat Nightclub with Monster and
Yamaha. All in all, an IJSBA World Finals for the books. But now that the dust has settled, we haven't. Back at HQ, we're getting
our showroom ready for distributors to make their final selection of gear to take back and prepping is still under way for the 2011
Thailand King's Cup. Jettribe is proud of our racers for managing to pack up and load their boats and gear for the long haul to
Thailand after a week of racing in the World Finals. We've got a lot of exciting announcements coming up so stay tuned!