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    Flush Kit Assembly 2004 Polaris 110MSX - NEED HELP

    New to the Ski world here.

    Just bought a pair of 2004 Polaris 110MSX - nice and clean.

    Took them to beach house and rode them in a canal. One overheated and stalled (possible sea grass?).

    I bought a flush kit for each, but cannot find instructions, videos, pics, etc. of how to install. PLEASE HELP.

    Remember, I am new to Skis...and, I am not very mechanically inclined. Therefore, pics, videos, etc. will be of tremendous help!!!


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    look at this picture below, see right in the middle of the picture their is a 90deg hose which is not connected, and the oil tank to the right of it.. well it goes between that 90deg hose and that plastic water feed tude on the oil tank.

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