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    MSX 110 low volt at batt

    went jet ski jumping realy hard wires drop off harnes and coming back batt light came check the batt got shock off the batt tolk it off 3 times the ok with shock test vol meter 11.80 volt at batt while running any ideas have pull out vol reg/any way to test vol reg

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    Welcome! hey guys we have a fellow Polaris transplant from PWCtoday!
    here is what he is dealing with quote

    it will run ok till batt get to 10 volt and batt light come on after charing batt it will run ok till batt get down to 10 v still run ok but light on drains batt end quote

    sound like somthing is draining this puppy?

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    MSX 110/150 Charging Problems

    in the rear of your boat on the right side by the ecu(silver in color) there is a main relay. located near that are some splice boxes in the harness that have fuses in them. then the one labeled battery and it should have a 30 amp green fuse. it is probably blown. if this is the case you need a new voltage regulator. the voltage regulator is probably internally shorted. one of the diodes is probably bad and shorted to ground. you can test the regulator with a fluke meter in the diode check function. check fuse and get back to us. also the voltage regulator is mounted under the intercooler in the front of the engine. if it looks badly corroded that is more than likely your problem. what happens it the voltage regulator corrodies and loses it's ability to dissipate heat. then it cooks the diode in the regulator. we stock regulator at all time. oh yeah don't think that putting a fuse in eill fix her b/c it will just blow again. i can walk you through a check if you like. p.s. you will need a new battery as well.

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    thank for that i have alerady taken the vol reg out will check fuse and get the vol tested prob/ gone bad thank you again will get back 2 to 5 days time i from ipswich queensland near gold coast
    take about 2 day to fine a guy to check it needs a good clean down there any way i keep mine washed and polished and wd40 every time but i did notice some rust etc around the regator
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    Hi Daddy, WELCOME to the Green Hulk Forums!!!!
    Glad to see another 4 stroke Polaris cruising the waters.
    Jay is "DA MAN" when it comes to these babies, I'd surely make his checks and replace that battery as well.

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    just had vol reg check ? seem ok will check fuses next day or so thank you

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    check fuse blown will order new on wish i could get one from you do you ship to australia if so got price aus/ thank you .check vol reg.with vol meter midddlie reading was low 171 middle 168 end 172. is this normal is there any thing esle to check my friends.
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    Ok If That Fuse Is Blown You Need A Voltage Regulator. Polaris Part Number 0451485 We Stock Them. Retail Is 254.99 But For Greenhulk Memebers All Parts That Are In Stock In The Winter For Pwc's Are A Additional 10% So That Is A Total Of 20% Off Making It 207.99!!!!! If You Like I Can Give You A Check For That Regulator But I Have Replaced Many!!!!!! We Can Ship The Part To You But It Will Be Costly In The Shipping. Please Let Us Know If You Would Like The Parts. The Service Manual Does Not Go Into A Check For That Regulator But I Hae One That Is A Standard Check For Voltage Regulators That Works Spot On!!!!!

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    Just a thought? But he had this issue after jumping his ski and dropping a wire harness! so is it possible this was just a short that took the fuse out? and you should be able to find that fuse locally? it's not Polaris specific! Z

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    What is the check for voltage regulators and does it work for any make/model?

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