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    Help me with my rebuild

    model: 1997 polaris slt 780

    So rather than make a new thread every time i have a question, and take up this entire board, I figured i'll just do one thread, and hopefully you guys can pop in every now and then and help me out, i would really appreciate it....

    for the first thing, i've included a picture. what are the little white rubbery circles under where the reed valves go? i touched it and almost lost it into the crank. There is one in each opening. All are loose and appear to just be sitting in the little indent.... these supposed to be there?

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    Great idea on one thread much easier to follow.

    Yes the white dots is case sealant from the case bolts yes you can remove the excess.

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    ok, so i bought the carb rebuild kit from watcon (with parts only for the 780 but it doesn't have any gaskets..... am i not supposed to replace these? where can i get these? online from polaris is 40 bucks each for one and 25 bucks each for the other, i don't think so!

    also, the kit came with 6 little O rings (for high and low) but i have no idea where these go, any help or pictures would be great. I emailed watcon but hoping to close these up if possible.
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    You should have all of the carb parts you need in the kits from John. He should also have carb mounting gaskets. Give him a call and get them from him. The o rings you are asking about go on the low and high speed needle valves. Lightly close each one, counting the turns it takes to close each one and make note so you can put everything back the way it was.

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    whats the stock settings in case they have been changed by someone? one of the screws on the inside was completely stripped so someone was in them before, or at least tried...

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    after rampaging through these threads on this site, i have found the following info, can anyone confirm or deny the following:

    main jets 110
    pilot jets 67.5
    popoff pressure 22-24 psi
    max rpm 6500
    carb settings LOW SPEED 1 1/4 turns out HIGH SPEED 1/8 turn out

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    According to the manual for a 1997 SLT 780 you should have #70 pilot jets and MAG 125 Cen 122.5 and PTO 130. High speed screw 1/8 and low speed 1 1/4

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    Quote Originally Posted by BryanP View Post
    According to the manual for a 1997 SLT 780 you should have
    #70 pilot jets
    MAG #125
    Cen #122.5
    #PTO 130.
    High speed screw 1/8 and low speed 1 1/4
    Yep, on the '96 Model all three HS jets were the same size. To compensate for the different cylinder fuel needs the HS needs were set different on all 3.

    In 1997 Polaris switched to putting different HS jet sizes in each cylinder and the HS needle was set the same.

    Both approaches achieve the same goal of providing sufficient fuel to each cylinder, they just do it differently. Just be sure to NOT mix the two methods. So, Bobbo, don't use 1/8 HS needle settings with #110 main jets in all 3 carbs. With that combination you'll have poor performance and most likely roast the PTO and MAG cylinders in short order.


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    if i'm boring my cyclinders, do any of these settings normally change to compensate or is this two things not have anything in common?

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    I would think boring will cause the settings to change slightly. The stock settings are simply a starting point no matter what you do and the motor must be 1st broken in then 2nd tuned in using piston wash and plug chops as a guide.....

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