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    no start..

    hi ther i recently purchases a 2001 genesis fuel inj. machine and im having a starting issue i need help with... i cant seem to figure out y the starter button wont work. i tried off the solenoid and machine fires but wont start off the button.. help pls

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    Welcome to the Hulk!. you can use the search function on the top of the page to look up different threads about your ski that have been posted before.. try it out! I dont know very much about your ski. Another member will probably chime in and help ya!

    Is the Lanyard in? It won't start without it. The start switch may be shorted too. Check the wiring from the switch to the e-box, look for cuts or burned , melted areas, or connections being loose.

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    LR503 module is toast. It's a known issue.

    Check here for directions on how to bypass it to make sure that is indeed the problem:

    Looks like it's about $104 for a new one (part 27):

    You might find one used, but I'd go new....they're known to fail and supposedly the new ones were redesigned and last longer.

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