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    ULTRA 150 - Are all jugs created equal (Cylinder Question)

    A buddy of mine Ultra 150 had 30psi on his #2 cylinder. After removing the head, I noticed deep scoring in the cylinder wall and the top edge of his piston cracked off. I have a #1 and a #3 jug sitting at the house and was wondering if we could use one of them as the #2 jug. We are having a hard time finding a replacement and I noticed today, all of the cylinders look exactly a like. We ordered a brand new Kawi piston and 3 ring sets to change all the rings out. What could have caused the edge of the piston to break off?

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    As far as I'm aware yes all 3 cylinders are identical

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    The first 999 engines were different, part # 11005-3745 vs 11005-3744 for all the others. I seem to remember that the base was a different thickness and it required different studs (refer to the service manual if your case is S.N. 000001-000999).

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