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    Bogging down problem....

    Hello, I have a brand new Kawasaki 250 Ultra. A friend bought it back from the states when his family came back to Aus to live. Itr had no hours on the clock and I was the first to put it in the water.
    It won't rev past 3000, it surges and misfires. I am a mechanic by trade but these things are new to me. I havew replaced the plugs and given it a check over. The leads are fine, it starts first go and idles sweet, just won't rev.
    Both keys have been used but no fix.

    Anyone had this problem. I will at some stage take it to a dealer or mechanic but I live in regional Victoria and a mechanic would mean a 4 hour drive to Melbourne. I live in Albury Wodonga.
    Any assistance wouyld be appreciated.



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    who performed the pd on it? sounds mixture related to me, i would try plugs again, fuel? or s/c belt slipping, 3000 rpm is also limp mode are you sure there are no engine faults?

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