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    GPR tunnel cracked... can we replace?

    i got the picture from the net, the one on the red box cracked.. can we replace it? my gpr sucked a rope...

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    You can do a lot with a grinder the only thing that would be tough would be getting the replacement part.

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    is that part removable?? what do you mean by grinder? you mean putting up a fiber?

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    here's the real picture

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    It looks like it is cracked under the hose connection also it would be better to replace the cracked piece. if you can find someone with a junk ski who would cut the old one off then you could remove the cracked part and grind the adhesive off the hull and used part and epoxy it back on. or you could grind a V in the cracks and ruff up the surfaces and use some west systems epoxy and mat to repair the cracks. if you do repair the cracks just make sure you get the hose connection wright so you dont have a leak.

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    About $15.

    I'd replace it.

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    what epoxy to use?

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