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    Looking for a service manual

    Hi everyone!

    Brand new to the forum here. My DH went auction shopping yesterday and came home with two nice looking (but broken) 1994 Polaris SL 750s. One has a cracked piston jug and the other has an engine full of water...but they were real bargains.

    Anyway, he's glad I found this site, and I'm sure he will be checking in for tech support as he begins work on these projects. If he uses my profile, I'm sure a name-change will be forthcoming. But for now, we're trying to locate a copy of the 1992-1998 Polaris PWC Service/Repair Manual. I tried following older links to "mattman's" site, but it's apparently closed down. Our email is [email protected]. Can anyone help out with this?

    Thanks a bunch.

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    Clymers has a decent manual also check the "Stickey's" at the beginning of this site/......all you need to know...
    Troubleshooting guide92-97 and what you kneed to know.............about the 650-750 etc

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    Thanks, dorf! I'm just learning to navigate this forum, and there were so many stickys, I didn't know where to start. I had noticed that a number of people had previously downloaded the pdf manual from mattman's, so I had hoped someone could just email me a copy.

    But when I searched the terms you gave me, I did find the troubleshooting guide, so thanks, I've got it now. Maybe I'll find other bits and pieces with the right search terms.

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