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    Unhappy rxt 215 cavitating possibly too much weight??

    took my ski for a run yesterday with two mates. i have generally only taken one other person on it.
    when we got out of the six knot zone and put accelerator on it was making a horrible noise and shuddering pretty hard like it didnt have to power to get up and out of water. the minute i got rid of the blokes and had either jst myself or me and another person it was fine. is this normal??
    it says it would take 273kg on it but i prob had maybe 240kg???
    another boatie told me he had the same ski and it is from too much weight on it is this correct?

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    The more weight have on the ski, the more you will increase its likelihood to cavitate. But it sounds like you have a bad wear ring, it definitely should not be as bad as you describe.
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    thanks for your help

    should i replace this straight away? will it effect other parts of the ski if it breaks? if im only going to have two people on the ski and it works fine is it worth replacing now or is it ok to wait a little while? i probably sound stupid but im new to this jet ski game any help would be appreciated.

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    Performance will continue to degrade.

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    You sucked something up and it fell out. 3 people will not make it cavitate.

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    The wear ring will not break, they just wear away from sand and debris that are sucked through your pump over time. As the tolerance between your impeller blades and wear ring increases, so does cavitation.
    How many hours on the ski? Has it ever been changed?

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    65 hours and i doubt it has been replaced i have only had ski since 51 hours so im unsure what happened before me

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