I am just curious to see if anyone has any interest in old school 550 aftermarket parts. I am trying to gauge interest before I tear apart a perfectly good running ski. I have all kinds of PJS parts, a stout complete motor w pjs alum cylinder block and pjs alum head. I have pjs complete exhaust, dual carbs, pjs intake, ride plate, intake grate and much much more. I would love to keep this ski as a whole but I just do not ride stand ups. My 1100zxi is more my style. Plus the hull is kinda trashed. I also have a complete set of hydro turf tray pads in marble blue new in package. I have only listed a few of the items I have. I also have aftermarket ignition, e box, and I'm sure other stuff as I dig through the pile. I haven't cleaned anything up yet so I'm not ready to take pics yet. Everything will be cleaned, polished, and spotless if I decide to start selling individual parts. Please let me know if your interested in anything so I can put you on my list. If I have enough interest I will start getting parts ready. If you contact me about interest in all or a specific part I will give you first dibbs before I offer to anyone else. I have a verified Paypal account and I also have great feedback on eBay if that matters to you. I have sold a few parts here on the hulk and have always been straight and honest on all deals. So let me know guys.