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    trying to stay atop my waveblaster 1

    Hi there guys.

    Been on greenhulk for a while now, but mostly on the polaris site. I just bought a waveblaster 1 though and would like some advice on it.
    I heard that it isnt one of the most stable skis, but didnt realize that it means it flips over even if you are going straight!!
    Is there any special tricks in riding this ski, and what can one do to make it more stable?
    If you fall off, how do you get back onto the ski without sinking it??
    is it normal for the litle blaster to porpois alot and then nosedives under the water?

    Also, it takes in a lot of water (couldn find the leak yet) could this be the reason for the tricky ride?

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    Water in the hull is the reason your toppling over and porposing. Im 190 lbs and ride a blaster 1 with no problems. To reboard pull yourself onto the back on your knees and start it. Give it gas as you climb onto the seat. Blasters are the most fun ski's ever built! Enjoy it!

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    Sit as far forward as u can. I have to do that to idle it in no wake zones. I ride mine kinda like a dirt bike I put my feet as far back as I can stand up and jump wake.

    +1 on being the funnest to ride and will put u in shape.

    I'm 230 and if I fall off I have Someone on the XL drag me to shore

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    Lol. I too would like to get a blaster but heard they are fun, yet tricky?

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    I am 230 and don't have a problem not tipping off, you just have to control that urge to put pressure on the side that is tipping down. You have to fight that and put foot pressure on the high side. To get on, grab both handles on the back, pull yourself up a bit with your arms, then just climb on real quick. If you hesitate, you will roll off. Once you are forward on it, it becomes alot more stable. Once you are moving, they are real stable. I am using a Jet Dynamics ride plate and it helps ALOT on top speed control. They are alot of fun, especially watching your buddies TRY to get on. Its such a hoot!!

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    Found a leak in a hose, under the battery. Still need to take it out and replace it, but atleast i know now where the water in the hull is comming from

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    It take some time to get good on one. I think a stand up is easier to get up on almost. I am thinking about getting a HX seadoo for screwing around on. But again same thing. Very hard to get on. Good luck and keep practicing.

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    There were tears in my eyes when I gave up my Blaster. ONCE YOU REALLY LEARN to ride a Blaster, the Fun Factor is at the top of the charts.

    Once you get the water out of the hull, it will settle down, but if you bump the compression and put a pipe on it, an aftermarket ride plate is a must. The jet Dynamics is great, the Riva plate will get it done, but it is not as good.

    The boat by design is squirrelly while ideling, but that is why it handles the way it does when ever it gets underway..... and the faster it goes the better it handles. Stability has to be sacrifiest at lower speeds in order to make it do what it does at higher speeds.

    It is the only PWC that I ever got ejected from and came up from underwater laughing.

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    I haven't ridden a blaster in a while but I remember how to get on. Plug in the lanyard, swim around the back. Grab the handles and put your elbows on the tray, or you can grab the seat. Either way, the goal is to shove the back down and get your knees onto the tray and keep it steady enough to hit the button at at least half throttle to get the thing moving fast enough to have a little balance and not have to do it over again.

    oh, and try not to hit your head on the seat while performing this circus act or you will be doing it again, only with a bump on yer noggin.

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    getting on the ski when it is not moving is the hardest bit.

    i lay beside it in the water, start the engine, holding both handles. at this point the impeller is in the air. But then you gas it and rock it so the water goes in the impeller. it will grab and take off.

    hang on and before you know it you will probably be laying the footwell. going in a large circle. you will then advance this to getting on the seat. Then eventually you gas and flick the whole thing underneath you, almost to the same position as if you climbed on the back... and your on in no time. Don't know why, by my blaster has far more power on one side than the other...

    so yeah. get ready to get some shoulder muscles...

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