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    difference in these crank kits?

    there is a $200 difference in these kits, can anyone help explain why? or where to get a good kit at a better/decent price? I've emailed both and i am waiting for a response, but i know both will be probably be a sales pitch, so any 3rd party info/opinions would be much appreciated!

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    Don't even bother buying the rebuild kits yourself.

    You're not going to be able to install it, a specialty machine shop will have to do that for you.

    Best bet is to have your crank sent out for rebuild and let them buy the kit for you.

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    is SBT a good company? also, how can i tell if mine is still good?

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    They've been around for awhile and growing too. I have one SBT crank, not many hours yet but good so far.
    Read up on this thread and decide for yourself:

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    Does anyone have experience with His cranks seem reasonably priced as well.

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