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Thread: OEM needles

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    OEM needles

    Can someone tell me what the OEM carb needle sizes are?

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    Quote Originally Posted by armyof1 View Post
    Can someone tell me what the OEM carb needle sizes are?
    to infinity and beyond, it helps if we know what your working on. lol... all jokes aside check manuals

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    2.0's are stock for seadoo 951's. 1.5's for 787's.

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    my mechanic didnt do this as he rebuilt the engine, actually he put in some used needles and now she floods out alot and wont go faster than 45. he said we could do it right, later over the winter. but i know that will cost me more than i already have into it and it should have been done with the carbs out!!!. im pissed. also where would you suggest i go to look to buy them? thanks again!

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    don't expect to gain any RPM from N/S changes. Your ski has other problems-- Pop-off takes place at around 2000 rpm...

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    Roger that Jim, but he told me she would flood out and my not have high speeds because of this problem. are you saying he didnt check the pop off pressure either? could that be what the problem is and not necessarily the needles? because before the surgery (top end replacement) the speedo said my top speed was 62 (not true i know, but now its 45). how do i check the pop off pressure myself, or can i ?

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