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    Help! Needle and seat questions

    About to rebuild my carbs on my 01 XLT' 1200. Just recieved some new 1.2 needle and seats from SBT. ( I know I should have ordered elsewhere.LOL) Question is I noticed that of the 3 kits I recieved 2 needles looked the same while 1 was different. 2 of the needles had bigger holes (.070 roughly) drilled in the side of the needle. 1 has a smaller hole
    (.025 roughly).

    Since I dont have the carbs apart yet. Doesn't the stock needle have a small hole in the side?

    What is the hole for?

    Will running the new needles with the bigger holes effect performance?


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    no hole on out side just in middle,should have rejeted while had her apart,even on stock ski helps,for more info try search screen

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    The hole is on the side of the needle. I am aware the seat has the 1.2mm hole.

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