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    XLT1200 not getting fuel, need help

    I have a 2002 XLT1200 that I purchased for $600 and have completely rebuilt. I replaced the crank and pistons and honed the cylinders. I had the carbs rebuilt by a local shop. I installed waveeater clips and a D-plate. I replaced the fuel filter and plugs. I am getting spark on all three cylinders and compression is 115. I have the ski back together, but I am not getting fuel to the carbs. I have syphoned the gas through the lines to where it connects with the carbs but it wont pump through. I have run the battery down twice trying to get it started. I have tried taking two of the plugs out and priming two cylinder with gas. When I do this, it starts briefly with the priming fuel but then cuts back out, the third unprimed cylinder remains dry. Any suggestions?

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    Make sure the fuel lines are connected properly. the fuel line coming from the filter should connect to the rear carb. or the PTO carb. the return line connects to the stator carb. or front carb.
    if you pull the supply fuel line off and put it in a jar and pull the return line off and blow in it you should start getting fuel flowing out the supply line. make sure the on/off valve is turned on. then connect it to the carbs.
    wile cranking your ski pull choke fully make sure it doesnt go back in when you let go of it then wile cranking it hold throttle wide open this is important

    If all of the above works properly and the ski doesnt start try putting a table spoon of gas or so in all cylinders then try starting again if it doesnt start running on its own you may have carb. issues and need to be gone through again.

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    +1, had my feed and return backwards first time I built my ski.

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