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    2 rxpX's coming from USA to Australia, a few questions

    Hey guys, I have 2 rxpxs coming to Sydney from the USA, I know for a worked ski you will have to adjust water and air temps etc etc, but what about stock skis? Any adjustments needed to get them running ok or will they be fine to go right into the water?

    One has a les Cooke 8750, rrfpr are only major mods

    The other has a r&d stage one, exhaust and air filter kit is only the engine mods.

    Any help will be appreciated, thanks guys!


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    Im a little confused with what your asking?

    Did you buy them from a forum member by any chance?

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    Also mate, could you give me a run down of what it cost you in total? Are there significant savings to be had going this route?

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    Question is regarding water and air temps, USA have different temps and for a ski that is worked it will require some retuning, and I would like to know if the same goes for a fairly stock Rxpx


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    You may have to check your AFR ....Adjust fuel if modded....

    If stock ..leave...

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    Sweet, they are both fairly stock only major mods is a les Cooke ecu, so maybe that one might need adjusting,

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    They'll be Fine, Interesting the One Only having the Les ECU and RRFPR...Sure theres nothing else going on...

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    There is other mods but no major ones, it's a stock class built boat so nothing huge lurking inside hehe

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    Rami how r u champ,, im from sydney aswell and thinking of doing the same there going to be any quarintine problems with a 2nd hand ski,did u send in your own container or a sheared container??? what does it cost to ship?? who did u use?? any info would be appreciated bro...


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    Hey bud, you will only have quarantine issues if.
    1. If you crate it and the timber isn't treated for Aussie customs.
    2. Ski must be clean of all dirt leaves and water etc.
    Other then that they customs are fine, they got crated into a shared container (Lcl) although cheaper to get them all in one container if there is enough to put in one container,

    If anyone is thinking about getting skis imported let me know, as I got more skis coming through and putting them In a container will save alot of money you can fit at least four in a container. It will work out cheaper, and I used John @ unishippers, great guy his on the forum.


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