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    GP1200R problem removing stator pump

    my gp1200r pump shaft is stuck on the mid shaft splines anybody solved this kind of problem?

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    Yes you have to heat the mid shaft right at about where the shaft connects inside it. You really need to remove the engine and hit the coupler of the intermediate while hot to get it off. Then most of the time replace the coupler depending upon how much it takes to get off.

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    tried using heat gun already last night, and still won't...already used a sliding hammer at the back of the pump.. still won't.... il remove the engine tonight..and use double sliding hammer

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    These methods will work, but try something bit less intrusive first.

    Lower the hitch of the trailer to where it touches the ground (now the pump is much higher than the bow).

    Spray a rust penetrant on the shaft of the pump where it is exposed in the pump tunnel. It will flow to the intermediate shaft. AEROKROIL oil or S'OK oils work fine.

    There are some "ears" on the pump stator and the wear ring directly opposed to each other at about the 10 and 4 oclock position on these components. Take a large flat head screwdriver and GENTLY tap it between the two ears to seperate the pump from the intermediate shaft.

    When it seperates by 1/4 inch, tap the pump back in adding penetrant to help continue the loosening process. If the ears get to far apart using the screwdrivers, then cut some small pieces of wood and place them between the ears, then continue useing the screw drivers as wedges.

    Remember that you are working with aluminum, so do not get heavy handed and use a little patience!

    Hope this helps.

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    already done with wd40 inside.. this is what i done last night.. left it overnight...

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    That looks quite heavy handed, but these are desperate times! I have the exact same problem, I've taken a different approach and rigged up some bolts to put a heap of pulling force on it. I have used a full can of wd-40, tried heating the shaft and still no movement after 2 nights. I'm consider using longer threads now and apply a torque like pattern until she comes out. It almost feels like I'm stretching the shaft a few inches instead of taking it out
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    no problem on pulling... im very careful of the mid-shaft attached housing, it could break if too much force..

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    So did it end up coming out for you? I'm on the 3rd night now, still won't budge. I removed the rubber hose that covers the midshaft on the pump tunnel by cutting through it so that I could fill the entire shaft entry with wd-40. Full can used, I also heated the shaft until it got considerably hot and tapped it with a mallet to try and break the rust seal through vibration as well. Still no good. Looking at the pressure exerted I'm a little concerned about cracking the hull crosspiece that sits between shaft and coupler. Look like it is bending nicely

    I'm at the point now that I'm considering taking a grinder and cutting the shaft out and get another one. Not sure if that will make it more difficult to remove from the coupler though

    All this to replace pump bearings

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    urugol: still no luck

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