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    15f first oil change

    I just change the oil (19 hours) for the first time. I did not have time to get kawa brand stuff and wanted to get fresh oil in for the winter layup. I used Quaker State 10w/30 and a fram filter. Went for a ride to get the clean oil circulated and would swear that I am getting a lot more valve clatter (top end noise) since I changed the oil... is it the oil, the filter, my imagination???

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    maybe thinner oil is what caused that...?

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    Did you check the oil level while you were on the water? Read that procedure in the manual about how long to ride and at what RPM and how to check it while stopped in calm water.

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    ditto ^^^^ Trailer or water oil check?

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    niether... It was on a PWC port. That said, it holds 5.3 quarts. I sucked out 5 quarts (including what was in filter) and put just a tad over 5 quarts back in. Seems to me that if anything, it may have to much oil... That said, she is mothballed for the winter and I will have to check next spring. Just curious if I need to suck out the QS 10w/30 and take off the fram filter to go back with factory stuff......

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    I'd leave it alone for now. Just check the oil level before riding next time.
    Next time, use the OEM filter or at least the SuperTech from Wallimart. Try to stay away from FRAM which is FARM use.

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