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    The difference between RXT & RXT X Riva Ride Plates

    Hi guys, I am new to Green Hulk, first post. I have a 2008 RXT and am in the process of installing a Riva Ride Plate and new heat exchanger. The ride plate was ordered 6 weeks ago and I only found out that they sent the wrong ride plate (one for a RXT X). I am in the process of returning but have one question. What is the difference between the ride plates and can they be interchanged? There is an issue with clearance of the pump shoe but it looks as though part of the pump shoe could be removed to make it fit. The Riva plate is also much shorter than the stock plate. Are both the RIVA RXT and RXT X ride plates the same length? Any help would be appreciated.
    Thanks, Shane

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    Different bolt location for intake grate due to different pump shoe!

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