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    Help 2009 FX HO wont start, no fault codes in YDIS

    Hello fellow techs
    Im working on a Hard bottom Inflateable made in 2010
    With a 2009 fx ho engine,driveline and pump
    I got the unit with a no start condition, i hooked up YDIS
    AND GOT 2 trouble codes related to the electronic throttle control
    (sorry i did not record the fail codes) regaurdless i used YDIS to try
    And delete the codes and they immedietly cam back, i inspected the
    Electronic throttle body and found corossion around the throttle plate shafts
    And the throttle plate would not move feely, we re placed the ETB with a new
    One and sucsessfully cleared the fault codes and with YDIS can activate the
    ETB But the engine only cranks and will not start, i can manually activate
    The fuel pump,injectors,and ignition coils with good results, and no fault codes
    Re-appear in YDIS, i guess now im going to test the crank sensor as well as the
    Cam posistion sensor. Any help will be greatly appreciated
    Im going back to work for a dealer next month. Mabie yamaha can help

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    Damm yamahas
    Seadoo Rules

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