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    New "Team Mean" racing trim tabs now available in the forums online store

    These are manufactured by Louis Malone. We have 10 sets ready to ship

    Quote Originally Posted by Louis Malone
    2 years of development has yielded what we feel is the strongest and most reliable trim tab set on the market. The adjustability is nearly infinite on all components. They are CNC machined from the highest quality 6061 T6 aluminum, and then black anodized with the Team Mean logo laser etched into the tabs. Features:
    - Titanium Ti-2 “HT” CN4168 cross bar. Which comes long and can be cut to length if necessary (We tested aluminum, stainless, and 4130 steel) torsion was the problem. 4130 did the trick, but rusted terribly, Titanium solved it, and dropped some weight.
    - Composite spherical bearings in the cross bar support, as all hulls are not straight, this allows the cross bar to remain straight regardless of the hull shape
    - The tabs themselves have 5 mounting positions for the linkage bracket allowing various cross bar lengths.
    - The tabs linkage bracket has 5 holes for various geometries
    - The linkage levers are symmetrical, and “pinch” to the cross bar for infinite adjustability. These levers have 8 adjustment holes for various geometry options
    - The tab hinges have 10 graphite coated oilite brass bushings with stainless hinge pins, and stainless set screws to hold them together. This all comes pre assembled.
    - The drop linkages have left and right threads for very fine adjustment, and everything including the hardware is Stainless, Aluminum, or Titanium.
    - All hardware is included except the allen bolts necessary to mount to the hull itself as hull thicknesses vary.
    These tabs were designed to take abuse, and last the life time of the boat. They are light weight, and durable. If you want to get your boat “on the nose” quickly, this is what you need. The first set has been run on the Team Mean Racing Turbo charged GTi for 2 seasons without a single issue. They can be activated by cable, or We can help you setup an air setup (not included)
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    By the Way,

    I designed the Kit to be universal it is not specific to Seadoo, or GTi, and that is why it is built so flexible and adaptable. For example the levers can go inside the bearing blocks on the cross bar and shorten the cross bar up several inches if need be. You can also see that there are 2 angled cuts on the levers making them symetrical, which also allows the drop links to go out to in, or in to out. whichever works for you.

    The kit has been test fit to a Kawasaki ultra 260, so it should also fit 250, and 300.

    I have not tried, but would imagine it will fit most yamaha, and others too..

    The cross bar can be ordered in any length (within reason), or as shown it just comes long, and you can just leave the excess, as it is Ti and looks nice with rounded edges

    The drop links ar 8 inches and with the rod ends can be ~9 TO 9 3/4" in overall hole to hole length, but again, can be ordered custom at no additional cost, or you can trim them yourself. We found the 8" to be pretty universal, depending on how high you mount the crossbar.

    Any questions please ask, or email me, but they will be sold exclusively here on 4tec Performance

    When my GTi gets back from Thailand I will post photos of them installed which will explain a lot.


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    The quality looks outstanding.

    Do you do a small set to suit an SXR?

    (My sxr's have a problem launching cleanly. Probably to do with being rediculously overpowered.)

    I love Thailand. In the immortal words of Jeff Jacobs, "Man, there isn't a big pooper in this whole country!"

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    We do not specifically do a small set, but the way they are double hinged, they could certainly be cut down.

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    These are the Prototypes installed to my GTI they are not even annodised just strait off the CNC.. Also you can see the air system, not included, but I will walk anyone through it if they want to go Air. Air is only for the serious Closed course racer for hand fatigue. For the average guy a nice motorcycle clutch lever and a Stainless cable does perfect.
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    I have a 300X. How will this improve the handling? Especially in the messy chops. What is the linking bar in the middle? Will it interfere with the boarding ladder?

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    I like the Turbine Outlet sticker!

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