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    NEW Seadoo parts 650 720 800, polished parts, 800 neptune pipe, pistons, mpem, CDI !


    Here is an ebay item number, put in search bar and hit view sellers other items. I will end auctions on ebay if you want something, just email or PM me.

    ebay Item number: 250928046954

    My Paypal is Turboregencyrst at

    All polished parts go into my glass bead cabinet in my shop and are polished with fine glass which takes 20 minutes a part!

    Here is a before and after. Bottom right is the finished product.

    1) Set of Polished glass beaded almost new carbon seal with mount and polished hose clamps and polished driveshaft seal 10 hours was on the ski bad crank it was pulled from 97 seadoo fresh water spx. $30.00 shipped. wont find a cleaner one

    1) polish glass beaded ends, no rust, perfect!! even comes with steering nozzle nut and bolt and all nuts and washers for the hull steering cable from a 1997 seadoo spx with 10 hours, free moving fresh water boat had a bad crank. This is will fit 94 to 99 spx sp spi gs xp anything with the X4 hull 650 750 787. $38.00 shipped. wont find a cleaner one.

    1) polished glass beaded waterbox hull mount for all seadoo x4 hulls sp spi spx xp 650 720 800. perfect! wont find a cleaner one, off a 97 spx with 10 hours. $13.00 shipped. wont find a cleaner one.

    1) glass beaded polished full set of seadoo pump nuts, washers, lock washers and pump spacers and adjuster washers. $9.00 shipped.

    1) good used Seadoo 785 787 800 piston oem seadoo not aftermarket. comes with rings. 81.89 mm AUS made. $20.00 shipped. Not a mark on it basically new. It is used maybe 20 minutes on it.

    1) Seadoo Air vent under seat baffle. $33.00 shipped. Perfect shape not a mark on it.

    1) Seadoo xp spx sp spi x4 650 730 800 oil tank sending unit sensor, works perfect! $9.00 shipped.

    1) full set of five, you get all 5 rubber straps. Three for fuel tank, then oil tank, water box, electrical box. 650 720 800 xp spx x4 gsx sp spi etc. $12.00 shipped.

    1) set of four ruber straps. Use them for fuel tank, oil tank, electrical box, water box, etc

    1) 787 front electrical box connecter, male female, whole set of all you see seadoo misc. wiring, numerous clips, connectors from 650 750 800 and 951 motors, fits all seadoo years. Lots of spare clips and wires here. $12.00 shipped

    1) Seadoo fuel filter screen with fuel vent line hose and one way check valve and mount. no holes no cracks. perfect piece here. I even polish glass beaded the aluminum fuel filter mount. fits all seadoos every year pretty much. $12.00 shipped.

    1) set of fuel bilge pumps with polished brackets. I polish glass beaded the brackets like new. no holes in the lines, no grease or oil. steam cleaned everything!! $12.00 shipped.

    2) Perfect basically new seadoo ground wires. for the front or rear electrical boxes all years or the negative battery cable that breaks sometimes. Ends are polished and ready to install. Wont find a cleaner set! $9.00 shipped.

    2) Perfect basically new seadoo ground wires. for the front or rear electrical boxes all years or the negative battery cable that breaks sometimes. Ends are polished and ready to install. Wont find a cleaner set! $9.00 shipped

    **Seadoo XP SPX SPI SP any X4 hull no matter what engine Choke Cable perfect shape, free moving no rust, comes with all washers and nuts, not a mark on it comes with everything. $24.00 shipped.

    **XP GSX Limited 951 Speedo Gauge 70MPH works perfect pulled from a Fresh water 98 XP limited. 278001104 $35.00 shipped.

    **787 785 785 stock Exhaust coupler bracket for the stock seadoo pipe. Perfect shape, threads are perfect too. $15.00 shipped

    **Xp Spx X4 hull start stop switch VTS buttons. The set screw is there and so is the screw and tab, nothing is missing. $10.00 shipped.

    **Brand new SBT Rave valve cap assembly still in the wrapping never used. Fits all seadoo 800 787 785 motors all years. Cap, red cap, spring and Rave clip holder 46A-107 $30.00 shipped

    **Brand New 787 800 782 785 WSM PLATINUM 010-818p Teflon coated piston STD, Standard Bore 82mm. Never used, never installed still in the box bouht brand new last month. $60.00 Shipped

    **Brand new Seadoo 587 650 720 OEM Oil Pump from Bombardier Paid $200 new for it 2 years ago but never ended up using it. 1994 and up xp spx sp spi x4 $70.00

    Some more parts:

    **Seadoo 1996 GSX MPEM 50 hours pulled from my personal ski that ran this summer. No corrosion fresh water boat. 278000897 ($434.00 if new) No landyard. $110.00 shipped

    **Seadoo CDI 278000858 working module 50 hours pulled from my working 1996 fresh water xp this summer, I went to an MSD enhancer 96 XP GSX any 1996 Seadoo 800 787 785 782 motor!!! ($785 if bought new from seadoo) $125.00 shipped.

    **Seadoo Speedo gauge from an 02 gtx again works perfectly fresh water boat. Just pulled this summer. 278001435 70mph 1999 to 2002 gtx rfi 951 motor analog $35.00 shipped.

    **Seadoo Prop 271001297 2002 to 2005 gti not a mark on it, perfect shape $75.00 shipped.


    **Seadoo Prop 271001297 2002 to 2005 gti perfect shape not a mark on is $75.00 shipped.

    **Brand new Starter Solenoid for all Seadoo boats, doesnt matter what motor these things are very universal and it is good to have a spare. This is oem bombardier never used. $20.00 shipped (I have 2 of them)

    **Seadoo 787 800 782 785 PTO flywheel cover shield $19.00 shipped with the wing nuts, perfect shape no cracks, fully degreased and pressure washed.

    **Seadoo 97 and up xp PTO cover driveshaft shield $19.00 shipped with the wing nuts fully degreased and pressure washed

    **Seadoo PTO cover shield gts 587 gti sp spi 650 720 cc with the wing nuts pressure washed and degreased $19.00 shipped. no cracks great shape

    **Seadoo reverse gate gtx gti 650 720 587 with pump venturi exit and steering nozzle all plastic light weight over the aluminum ones. Perfect, cleaned, no marks or fading, ready to install $30.00 shipped.

    **Brand new OEM WSM 271001134 never used seadoo xp limited 951 155mm pump VTS ARM $20.00 shipped

    **Seadoo polished glass beaded hood and seat pins and rear Tow Hook. The whole assembly is polished even the washers and nuts. They are polished using ground glass. Great addition to any ski that has an olded rusted set. $15.00 shipped.

    **Seadoo New Starter Solenoid OEM xp spx gsx 787 800 720 650 587 951. fits all boats pretty universal new never used. $20.00 shipped 278001802

    **WCM watercraft magic Seadoo racing race VTS Trim arm fully adjustable. Just polished glass beaded with ultra fine ground glass came out sweet. Perfect $37.00 shipped.

    **WCM Watercraft Magic adjustable trim flap system spare rods. These are the rods for the drop lever activated trim flap system found on the X4 hull. You get all (5) $16.00 shipped.

    World Finals RPG Joe Portale race hullBoat ran last summer, lost a crank bearing so everything is in excellent shape and all parts were boat new not used. 1995 Seadoo XP race hull World Finals 98 placed 3rd. lightened, trued, bottom painted black, top painted white. Both colors used to be yellow.
    Hull comes bare, if you want the matching carbon fiber hood we can work a deal on that. $500.00 hull only

    Pic during a race back in the day.

    **Polished, pressure tested Bo Dupriest Neptune dry pipe. Comes with perfect silicone, all three springs, no dents, no blocked water ports, no leaks. $340.00 shipped.

    2) brand new sealed oem Seadoo O Ring New 290931420 SEADOO Head O-rings 785 787 800 $14.00 shipped for both.

    1) Brand new Seadoo 269000174 yellow seat end protector. goes on the end or tip of a 1996 seadoo xp yellow seat. or any seadoo xp spx x4 hull with a yelllow seat. $7.00 shipped.

    1) Seadoo front electrical box mount, ready to install. $9.00 shipped.

    1) Good used 1998 278000583 seadoo spx speed sensor sending unit. Pulled from a working fresh water 1998 seadoo spx x4 hull 800 motor boat. $60.00 shipped works great!! comes with all screws and perfect wires.

    1) Seadoo spx xp x4 785 787 800 choke cable. Missing handle but the cable is perfect and free moving. Just use your choke handle and install. $10.00 shipped. all nuts and washers come with.

    1) seadoo 787 800 785 xp spx hx x4 277000030 hull throttle cable with clips and all nuts and washers. ready to install no corrosion, fresh water!! $30.00 shipped.

    1) seadoo 951 rave di cap perfect shape no cracks, not melted, perfect. $9.00 shipped.

    1) Seadoo stock xp spx sp spi x4 hull plastic oem stock water intake scoop grate. not cracked perfect shape. $25.00 shipped!

    1) Seadoo fuel pick up gas tank 275500121 sending unti 1/4 inch fuel line with sending unit plug and everything. Fits all boats sp spx spi xp 650 720 800, Perfect shape!! $50.00 shipped.

    1) HD high output fuel pump for aftermarket carbs 650 720 800 motors. Pulled from my novi 46mm race boat. $35.00 shipped.

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    Neptune 800 pipe sold!!

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    Steering cable sold!!!

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    Piston Sold

    Yellow 96xp Seat end tip Sold

    951 Speedo Gauge 70MPH 278001104 sold

    Make me offers on anything. Or request parts. I am parting a 94xp, (2) 95xp 800 limited boats, 951 98xpl running.

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