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    2001 Virage 700 YEs/NO to LR 505 / Rectifier

    Recently purchased a 01 Virage two cylinder single carb. Problem is "no spark", I read some of the posts here and tried nothing else but hold down the bilage pump button and cranked it over and I got spark. So, this has to be the LR 505 (40106. So what I did was by passed the LR 505 by disconnecting the red purple going to the LR 505 from the CDI )I believe), disconnect the hot wire from the LR 505 to the terminal board and left it unpluggd and plugged the red purple wire normally going to the LR 505 and connected it directly to the terminal board (with the other red/purple wires) at the same location the LR 505 was connected. Everything works it starts no problem. Ran the ski two seperate occassions with no problem. My question is, can I leave it like this or should I buy a new LR 505 recitifier?

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    Correction to my post. What I actual did was reverse the Service Bulletin with the red/purple wire (battery) being jioned with the orange wire for warm restart issues. But with mine leaving the red/purple wire connected to the orange I have no spark. I reconnected the red/purple wire back to the terminal board with the other red/purple wires and I have Spark. So now the CDI is getting constant power. I guess my question is should I replace the LR 505 or since everything is working leave it as it is?

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    did you ever get an answer, i have the same problem?

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