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    Jerry, Jerry, Jerry jerryspringer's Avatar
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    confizzled about my fizzle....

    couple of questions you might be able to help me with so i buy the right prop...

    i have a 2007 rxp - x charger, 42 inj, les cooke retainers , 8650 ecu and filled ride plate holes.
    i just had fizzle 4 inch air delivered also... (thanks to online store for all my upgrades)

    most of my riding is bay & sometimes some wave jumping stuff offshore , i ve been told to not install the fizzle air due to salt water ingestion... i m obviously loosing revs and hp by keeping this stock - whats your thoughts??

    also cause my riding is mostly in bay, my previous setups generally used 3 blade skat/riva - 13/18 ( 2006, 2007 rxp's -drop in wheel only) .... i have used solas 14/19 also which did give me better top end m but less down low and - less aggressive holeshot/launch...

    so i guess based on my new setup ... id hope to have same/better holeshot to my other ski - rxpx 2009 and if poosible more top end (cause of higher revs i guess..)

    so based on that .... is it best to stick to 3 blade riva/skat , if so which would u recommend, do u sell instore,

    or do i go for the 15/20 solas?? will that give me the holeshot im after??

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    If you keep the 4" up front you will be ok as far as water injestion goes. Prop 15/20.

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    it depends on where u mount and locate the filter, u can also install the hyrdo shield it helps your filter from getting wet
    i do alot of open water riding with the 4inch filter kit and hardly notice the filter wet after every ride.
    i locate mine under the steering up high with the injen hydro sheld.
    where do u ride?

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    If your after holeshot u need a 3 blade!
    Also if u ride in chop the 3 blade is the best option.

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    i usualy run in quite a large chop as well and have never got any water in there. with a 4" fizzle intake that is up in the front under the bars by the storage box. i acutaly made a bracket to mount it to one of the factory brackets and put a hose clamp around it to secure the filter and hose. if i need more air to the front of the ski i will also remove my front storage box. i think you would also be good with the 15/20 but cant advise you on the 3 or 4 blade that is all your personal preference and riding style

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    Am the only one thinking 42s are small for this setup?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mtuned View Post
    Am the only one thinking 42s are small for this setup?
    Depends if he has a Rotax Racing ECU or not...If its a Rotax then its usually mapped for 42s...

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    Jerry, Jerry, Jerry jerryspringer's Avatar
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    i had the ecu custom remapped to suit 42 bosch injectors by les cooke...
    so if i install fizzle 4inch up under steering mounts using mounting bracket from les cooke seadoo centre (see photo) and install Injen HydroShield Pre-Filter i should be ok ?

    i also saw a post somewhere that stated that you could fog/lubricate air intake after each ride to ensure corrision doesnt effect s/c ... etc...

    is that a case of spraying lube into air intake (obvious filter removed) after riding ?? or am i missing something... wont this cause other issues... i thought thats why catch cans were used so it would clog up ya supercharger internals etc???

    if used a solas 4 blade, 15/20 pitched to suit my specs would i have same holeshot as my rxpx with better top end? or am i being unrealistic ??
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    About the fizzle 4inch setup I'd ask les, but I think u should be fine. When u fog your motor u get a fogging kit which hooks up to the intake manifold, u don't spray anything down the air intake where the filter goes.
    On a rxp it's hard to match the take off of a rxpx and u defiantly won't do it with a 4 blade prop.

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    I ride through some really rough waters with my 4inch mounted up over the tank and I dont have any problems.

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