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    Speakers for the 150 speedster?

    I've got the little 14 ft 215hp speedster and would like do update the junk clairion speakers that are in it... I don't want to drop a ton. I found some nice looking Polk Audio speakers on ebay for like $130, I was thinking those and a mild amp... any one have experience with this?

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    Polks are excellent for the money. I've got Polk MOMO 6.5s. If I had to do it over, I would have got the 6.75s (but not sure they make those anymore), and I believe 7 inchers would fit without too much problem. I've also got a 10" sub and 600w amp, and still can't hear it all that great at full throttle. Remember, an amp can kill your cranking battery in no time, so you might want to consider an extra deep cycle.

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    I got the Alpine's on mine and they Sound Great Powered from the Headunit.

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