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    Need help with my 760 PLEASE!!!

    I bought myself a 97 wave venture 760 with 150 hours... Compression is great.... Problem is today I took it out for the first time and noticed two things...

    When it's running and I'm not touching the throttle is moves along at a few miles an hour.

    Other thing is I went from oil injection to premix and ...... When I give throttle slowly all is good.... If I gun it from idle it'll bog and cut out....
    Did I mix the gas too rich? I did 40:1 but put a little extra in the mix for the gas I couldn't syphon out of the tank......

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    PWC's don't have neutral so it will move whenever the engine is running.

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    Thank you for the response.....

    Also what fuel should I be using in the stock ski?

    87,91,93 ?

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    I have all ways ran 93 in all my toys, haven`t had a problem yet.

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    put 87 in it and use the money you save to get your carbs cleaned.

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