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    2010 fzs standard water box failure

    hey guys my standard water box baffle inside broke loose and came out and went through my riva tail pipe causing all the fumes and heat to melt all the coatings off the tail pipe and all the joiners and a couple of water lines, very scarey indeed when you lift the seat and there is flames and smoke bellowing out everywhere. has anyone else had a failure like that ?

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    Wow... Can't say I've read about that happening to anyone recently. You going aftermarket? If I HAD to replace my OEM box, it would be with a Riva or TDR box.

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    yamaha said they will warrant the water box and melted cooling lines but they wont warrant the riva tail pipe because its not standard here in australia. so ill stick the new standard box back in when it turns up from usa under warranty

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    Honestly, I think they should cover everything. What if that water box split open hurt someone. Imagine the lawsuit there.

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