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Thread: Balance shaft ?

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    Balance shaft ?

    Is the balance shaft really needed on a xp 951 ? It's just more weight to turn to limit performance isn't it ?

    anyone run with balance shaft removed ? first two stroke i've had with a balance shaft

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    Yes have run without it but I wouldn't do it again.They do work rather well.Didn't notice any gain in throttle response as they dont need a lot of effort to get them spinning as they have a very small centrifugal weight displacement.The engine felt very buzzy and I wouldn't rev it into the 7k for too long as it felt like when you misaligned the balancer shaft to the crank by 1 tooth. Just doesn't feel its going to hang together for too long

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    The balance shaft is necessary to help reduce the harmonics of the moving parts and counterweights of the crankshaft at a minimum.
    a balance shaft is an eccentric weighted shaft which offsets vibrations in engine designs that are not inherently balanced.

    Here is good info to read on about balance shafts.

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