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    99 sltx 1050

    I picked up a 99 sltx 1050 with the previous owner saying the motor was locked up. OK, got it home pulled the pump. The motor spun freely and I tested compression 145 each cylinder I am very happy. Proceed to check for spark and dont have any. Ohmed everything out and tested for 2 hours going over everything and could not get a lick of spark. I got frustrated and put the plugs in the head and cranked it over in a last attempt of desperation and what happens, It fires right up. Whats the moral of the story? I'm still learning, and I quess it's time for an eye exam. All because you cant see it doesnt mean it's not there. The positive is the ignition update has already been done so all I have to do is put some bearings in the pump and drill out a broken pump bolt. I'm addicted!

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    Nice Simple things like the pump being locked up makes people think the motor is locked up.

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    Sounds like a "deal" has been done

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    SWEET and yes your addicted forsure LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by 785 lugs View Post
    SWEET and yes your addicted forsure LOL
    Say it with me.... "Hello group, My name is ___________, and I am a skiaholic."

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