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    I put antifreeze in engines but before i got a chance to change oil and filters the guy shrink wrapped it do I have to rip it off or will I be ok in 5 months it only had 10 hours on it . I have read other threads where the used oil can become accidic just looking for some feedback.Thanks

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    Hey- the first 4 winters I always changed the oil in the spring. I neglected it in the fall Everyone said I made a big sin. My area doesn't get too cold and I don't put on many hours in the summer. Not much chance to get moisture in the oil, become acidic and start to corrode the internals.

    This winter is the first winter I did it the proper way. Had two summers and maybe 35 hours on the oil. Still honey coloured. I don't think you will see catastrophic acute short term damage, but I could be wrong.

    I'm pretty sure you will be OK, but you will have a bunch of people telling you that you did it wrong and your boat will die a quick death.

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    you should be ok just make sure you change it before you use it

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