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    96 XP Buzzer won't stop but ski runs great

    Ok my buzzer is annoying the hell out of me, about 3 weeks ago this interesting problem popped up, when i put my key on the dess, instead of the reassuring 2 chirps, it would buzz and not stop, but then after a minute or so it would shut up and i'd get the two chirps for the rest of the day, ski runs fine. But this sunday the buzzing never stopped.

    The only other thing is my voltage light on the infocenter is also coming on and staying on, but the voltage light has been on for about 5 weeks, i've been ignoring the light (ya ya i know)

    Replaced the buzzer, result: the buzzing is louder now
    disconnected the heat sensor, no change
    replaced the DESS, no change
    checked all fuses, we're good,
    what should I start with next ? i have a few spare ebox components
    voltage reg? mpem ? bad ground somewhere ?
    my short term solution was just to simply disconnect the buzzer, which finally shut the dam thing up..

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    I had this happen to me ones on a spx. But it was part a plastic ice bag that some asshole left in the lake. It might have a small blockage. Make sure the pisser in the back is working good. I have also seen small chips of wood get stuck in the pisser on my gsx on a stick up lake. It sounds like something else though. I wander if the sensor for the low oil is doing it. I have never had the buzzer just the light come on. Maybe if the oil tank gets supper low from A FALTY SENSOR the buzzer comes. Try unplugging the oil sensor to see if that it. Sorry that I dint help. Good luck.

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    Check for a short to ground on the temp sensor circuit.

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    okie dokie,the voltage reg is an easy swap also,
    i think the oil sensor is already set, i'm premix.
    i was leaning towards bad ground also, since I didn't wanna think it was the mpem going bad...

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