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    BUYING USED SKI... Need advice ASAP!

    I am looking at buying a 1996 SLT I found online. It's a very clean ski, however the owner stated that although it starts and runs great, it has no power and there is a rattling noise.
    Does this sound like something major, or are there too many variables on what the problem could be?


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    Sounds like bearings are bad/gone in the pump allowing the impeller to come into contact with the wear ring. This causes the impeller to wear down and the clearance becomes so bad that the pump can no longer work efficiently. This would explain the rattling, as well as the lack of "power". The good news is that all the Polaris pumps interchange from 1994 up (92-93 smaller), so finding a replacement or a rebuild kit for the existing one is easy. I lucked out on my 900 and got a replacement pump with correct impeller for under $100 on evilbay, then bought a rebuild kit for $50 for it just to be sure everything was ready for the summer. Some associated problems could be the carrier bearing/shaft seal and/or the wear ring in the pump. (My wear ring wore an impeller down about 1/4" but was still in spec) All of these are relatively cheap to replace (around $100) and can be done by almost anyone with a basic tool set. You may want to do a compression check on the engine just to be sure it's in good health, making sure that they are all within 10lbs of each other, this is for both the 700 (Domestic/red) and the 780 (Fuji/blue) SLT's. Now, quit reading this and go buy it will ya!!!!


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    read the sticky on the front page about buying a jetski.

    5% between cylinders, wear ring tolerance is .020" or twenty thousands of an inch. which is very small. usually you would want more like .002"-.004"... which is near zero light shinning thru. A 1/4 inch worn down is .250". lol

    all polaris's have the polaris rattle to them.. usually its a driveshaft not greased along with the thru hull bearing carrier( they are really brass bushings in there!) im not speaking about the bearings in the pump, just the carrier!

    but yeah, if the bearings go in the pump, you can see and hear it rattling around.. it must be changed or else the splines on the shaft will get ruined along with the coupler into the engine.

    and usually when the ski is tested...its always out of the water and of course it makes a ton of noise down there as it runs.

    impellors are about 25-150 wear ring can be 20.00 up to 100.00 depends on condition and whether its used.

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