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    Good spark SOMETIMES Please help

    I have a 1996 SL 700 that when grounding the plugs on the motor will show fire good for a while then it will stop and start again etc. I can pull the plug boots off and hold the plug wires near the motor and get continous fire, but put the boots back on and it wont fire all the time. I have tried a new battery which tests 11.4 volts when cranked with the plugs in. Any body have any ideas?Thanks...

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    Next step would be a new stator. Seen that happen a few times.

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    Yea I thought about the stator but why would it have continuous fire when the bare plugwires are held close to a ground? It fires all the time like that.

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    Did you try cutting back the plug wires before reattaching the boots? Do you have the correct boots?

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    Yes to both.

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    Rusty / loose contacts inside the boot?

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    go sand clean every ground everywhere,

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    laying the plugs on the head, is NOT an accurate way to test spark.

    spark can, and will go away under "load". load is compression.

    you really need to have a spark tester, to check spark accurately, with the pugs in.

    i am betting you have weak spark. the 700 is known for ignition troubles. probably time for an update kit.

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    Thanks for the ideas.

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