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    Maint. Best Practices

    So I have been reading several posts in the forum and think everything is helpful, provides insight, etc.

    I would like to poll the community on my current maint. for my 300 (first time owner) and ensure that I am doing the right things at the right time in terms of maint.

    Here we go...

    1) Fog the SC after each ride (Sierra Oil) and also prior to winter storage
    2) Changed Plugs , oil (Kawi 10w-40 & oem filter) at 10 hrs...currently have 30
    3) regular wash wax after each ride, freshwater flush
    4) Corrsion stop on pump, intake grate, engine for storage



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    How off ten do you ride ? because if you ride every weekend or more then that I would not fog every time your just plugging your intercoler up with more crap.
    You should also add pull and clean your inter cooler every 30 or so hrs

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    Thanks for the list, I was looking for something like this. Much appreciated!

    I love boats!

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    I posted this a buit ago and was surprised to not see a large amount of responses since this topic applies to everyone.

    Anyone have other thoughts or should I assume I got the basics covered?

    Thanks guys

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    It is just there are so many threads already on here about this issue. Search it. the guys that offer all of these suggestions have done it numerous times. Look around you will not only find the information you are searching for now but lots of other information also. Check the different sections. That is the way I am many others got started and look where I am now, a hated moderator. Well that goes with the territory.

    Welcome to GH and don't take is that people do not want to help you. Just you are coming in and asking a question that has been asked and answered many many times already.

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