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    09 fzr sunk what to look for

    ok so after loosing out on the last few skis i looked at purchasing, i decided to build a ski with my gpr hull i have. So i made a deal with a guy with a 2009 fzr bought in 2010 fresh water ski, that got washes away in a storm and jammed under a dock causing hull damage. the ski was partially sunk in the rear. he drained all the water, let the ski sit a few days, and got it running with a new battery. what should i test out on the ski before giving him all the cash, certain things to look at besides water in oil and such? i will be flushing and tearing apart the ski once i get it. just want a heads up from the pros on things to look at when buying a damaged ski.

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    If it were me, I'd want to hear it running, check the compression (and borescope it, if you can).
    Check the plugs while you're doing compression checks.
    Check the oil for water if you have an extractor.
    Pull the intake tube and use your finger to check the SC wheel to make sure it only turns one way.
    I'd also pull the cover off the electrical box and check for corrosion or signs of damage.

    If he's being honest about the ski partially sinking in the rear, the engine is most likely fine.

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