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    Angry GP800R bad news :(

    OK well a while back I posted about my gp800r developing a starting issue, I could just here the relay clicking. After changing the relay there was still a problem.
    Left it with a guy to look at.

    Good news, electrical issue was a faulty earth within the electrical box

    Apparently some lower crank bearing has blown and was firing shrapnel into one cylinder and has completely wrecked the piston etc. So piston crank etc needs work.
    Guy has said would cost 1400 to fix.

    Dont no what to do the ski is a 2001 with 53 hours use on it.

    The ski seemed to be running fine up until it wouldn't start with the electrical issue so this confuses me should i not have noticed it bogging out or a lack of performance on one cylinder.

    Any help or advice appreciated.

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    You would know if youve done a crank bearing/piston-it would not have run!
    Can you trust your repairer? quiet time of year, might be looking for work.
    2 cyl crank-400, piston kit 120, gasket kit 100-if the cyl is scored, will be more.
    Im assuming by the in your post your in the UK-drop me a pm if you want.

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