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    15f model changes

    Hey folks
    Might be a bit of a no brainer for most, but wanted a service manual, and most recent I've come across is a 2009 model manual. I have the 2011. Question is, has anything significant changed between around 2008 and current to the 15f? No point getting a manual if it isn't relevant
    Cheers, and thanks

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    Actually, while I remember it, when we went out on the weekend, I noticed the 15f smoked a surprising amount from the exhaust. More than the Polaris MSX140 2 stroke I went out with. Mainly on acceleration from standing idling. The engine has only done 4 hours, so thought it might be a run in thing, and my mate felt it was steam, but it sure smelt like exhaust fumes. Hadn't noticed it before today, but wasn't really looking either. Seems to run fine otherwise.
    Anything to worry about?

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    No significant change between 2009 and 2011 - only thing I know is that there is a metal bracket behind the dash meter starting on 2010. That's something you want to upgrade on your 2009.

    Steam or Oil Fume?
    If you can't tell, check:
    > Inside the tail pipe or the exhaust rubber hose coming out from the muffler for oily residue.
    > If found, check/monitor oil level if decreasing or not.
    > Cyl compression.

    The worst scenario would be detonation of one or more of the pistons.

    If it's that bad, you would have felt the significant't power loss...

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    Thanks mate. Appreciate the info. Will check tomorrow.

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