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Thread: GP800R rebuild

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    GP800R rebuild

    Hello all... first time poster.

    I need to make a decision. My GP800R with ~120 hours lost power (2000 RPM) , then stopped with a thunk while idling. It now will not turn over. Stuck.

    I have it at a dealer. They presented me with a few options. Option 1. New engine ($5000), Option 2. rebuild ~$2500.

    They have not yet torn into it and are asking for half down before starting. I assume that cost will go down if it turns out a full rebuild will not be needed.

    So..... I have some mechanical aptitude. Used to race karts and did my own engine work back in the day. Even with a little Yamaha 100cc, some special tools were necessary.

    My question is this. What am I going to need beyond standard mechanics tools to tear into this engine? For the kart I left the bottom end alone, because splitting the crank and then aligning it after replacing the bottom end bearingtook quite a bit of tooling and a press. Wasn't cost effective for me. I'm tying to get the same feel for this machine. For starters, I'll need to rig something from the garage rafters to lift the engine, then something to support it once out. Then....

    Thanks for any starting thoughts. I've got all winter.

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    How many hours did you have on the machine?
    What if you find out a bottom end problem also exists?
    Provide as much info, there are some great guys here that can possibly point out what likely it will need.

    Sorry to hear about the troubles buddy!

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    The ski has about 120 hours on it. My son was riding when the problem occured. Symptoms (as related by son): loss of top end... this meant about 2000 rpm less than our other GP800R, which his friend was riding, and about 10 mph less on the top. He kept riding in spite of this (18 year old who ought to know better). The idle was rough and it stalled with a "thunk". When he brought it home I checked what I could. Nothing in the pump that I could see. Nothing obivous to see when peeking thorugh the plug openings (piston domes looked like what I would expect). I also put jumpers on the battery to see if more juice could turn it over. The engine is firmly stuck, but exactly why is unknown.

    I took it to the dealer, bringing this to my current point in time. He or I will need to dig deeper to fully diagnose. His cost could be as much as about $2500 for a rebuild. He's asking for 50% down now. I'm on my way there to negotiate this down to a wait and see approach.

    The question before me is to embark on my own tear down or not. If DIY could result in my having to purchase $500 in ski-specific specialized tools, then I will probably leave it with the dealer. Also fully realize there will be many points along the way where the shop manual will be less than clear in its guidance and unlike my karting days, I don't have local buddies to bounce ideas off of.

    Location is Cleveland, OH, by the way.

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    Lots of folks on here to help with rebuilding your ski. Take the head off and check that will be able to tell you a lot of what happend. Pictures are required to get the help you want.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 04gtxsc View Post
    Lots of folks on here to help with rebuilding your ski. Take the head off and check that will be able to tell you a lot of what happend. Pictures are required to get the help you want.
    +1 the only special tools you need are metric sockets and wrenches and metric allen wrenches maybe a long extension.
    If you can get the head off with the tools you have you should be good to go.

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    I have a gp1200r and have had no real expirence working on engines. With the help of people here I've been able to do my own engine rebuild. It has uncovered other issues alongside the way the dealer probably would not have brought to my attention. Also those prices seem a little high for me. Pretty much I would say the worse thing would be the crank is damaged. In which case it might be more cost effective to buy a new motor. Basically what I'm saying is tear into it and take pics and post them here this engine is not bad to work on. I haven't bought any specialty tools to work on this ski. Btw u have one less cylinder than me so it should be even easier.

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