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    Winterization? does the engine retain any water

    I have a 92 js550 that is stored dock side on a hydroport. It does drop below 32 degree in th winter. Is there a way to drain the block or a way to winterize the ski?

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    It is possible for a small amount of water to be trapped inside the cylinder jacket. I usually take the top hose off the head and ,using a funnel, pour a little anti-freeze in there (the pink environmentally friendly kind). It helps with piece of mind.

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    or, you can pull the top hose on the head, and blow with the air compressor ( while ski is running), this blows all water out, clears lines, etc.

    blip the throttle a few times, to clear the exhaust. fog, and you are good. ( hopefully you have put stabil in the fuel first)

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    I got a flush kit and usually flush mine with that red anti-freeze and use fogging oil in my cylinders.

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