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    starter nosecone broke-off

    hey folks, long time lurker and frequent user of the search feature-much thanks for all your knowledge sharing!
    2002 virage tx, after attempting to change out starter, the nosecone broke off in the engine.
    i have since moved the ski to the garage to better work on it. in a previous post, someone was told to remove front cover and bang the hell out of it toward the rear of the ski.
    The question i have, is with the help of a mirror, there appears to be a "stop" on the inside of the casing where the starter nose goes into. Is this a stop, because if it is then i cannot bang out the broken starter piece with this in the way.
    i tried to include a picture but am unable to, dont know why, it was within size parameters.Error message 2038?
    thanks for your help.

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    You should be able to pull the flywheel cover and push it back out the hole it goes into.

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    hey bryan,
    thats the question, i have pulled the cover and tried moderately hitting the piece with a hammer and screwdriver. it is very stuck!. but before i really bang away at it, there is a 2nd piece just forward of the broken piece. i do not know if they are connected or were rather to the starter or if the forward piece is a part of the engine casing. if it is part of the casing, if i bang on it to force it out it will break the casing. i just need clarification on if there is a piece cast or pressed into the starter housing.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    i think this pic worked, in the picture, just below the red mark you can see a shiny silver band, that is the piece in question. it obviously is different than the rusted starter piece but does it come out?

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    Here are a couple pictures on e-bay that may help you.

    The peice of the starter-into the housing is sealed with 2 o-rings,those o-rings will get pretty stuck, try soaking them with WD40,twisting the peice to free it up.
    From the front you probably only see the very small gear from the starter.

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