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    1999 Polaris SLX 1050 - Weak Spark??

    Hi - I have a 1999 Polaris SLX 1050 that I bought last year. It ran fine the two times I had it out during the summer. When I went to winterize it, I could not get it to start. I figured it was the battery and bought a new Odyssey battery. Compression is 120psi per cylinder. Only has 88 hours. Tested spark with plugs out but sitting on the cylinder head and do have spark. Tried a spark tester to measure spark and it would not measure. I am not really a great mechanic but have fixed several skis before. I found out I have Gen II parts in the ski. Really looking for an easy fix and not wanting to install the Gen III ignition as I plan to sell. Any thoughts on an easy fix without taking to the dealer? Assume it is weak spark... Any thoughts on problems and/or expected cost from dealer for repair? Thanks.

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    Try cutting back the plug wires first. If that doesn't do it you are looking at an ignition update most likely

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