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    2004 rxp supercharger??

    Hi Guys,

    Just wondering if you can help me i have a 2004 RXP it has done 3.9hours on it!!! bought it off a uy that had it in storage for the last 6 years and has not touched it, dont know the story but the ski is in like new condition and yeah i checked it is not stolen.
    I have done a compression test on the engine after pouring some oil down the cylinder 2-3 days before hand and then cranked it over, all good 145 pis even. Drained the tank and filled it with premium and fired it up runs great no problems.... I was wondering if the superchargers on those are the ceramic type?? should i pull the charger and fit new washers now before i ride it??? any other suggestions i should do to the ski for reliablilty and practicality?????

    Thanks guys

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    Yep, it has the ceramic washers. Pull and send to Jerry for the 08 spec upgrade asap before you ride. I would change the fluids (oil and antifreeze), pull the pump cone and check the grease to make sure it still looks good. I'm sure you've either checked or replaced the battery by now. Then pray like hell the valves havn't corroded (should be fine if the engine was properly fogged before storage).

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